The Burrito Brothers

Jim Barcena - President/CEO

Jim Barcena Californians have the luxury of going from the slopes to the sea in less than two hours. Jim Barcena is one California native who's always taken advantage of this, never missing an opportunity to compete in both extremes...and everywhere in between.

Before deciding to make fitness and health a career, Jim played football, golf and every other sport imaginable. Most notably, he was a competitive skier on the Far West Amateur Circuit. He surfed for the Orange Coast College National Championship team of 1983-84, while at the same time working as a ski instructor in the surrounding mountains. After two years at Orange Coast College, Jim was ready to begin his career in health and fitness.

Looking for new and different avenues in the fitness industry, Jim found himself 'across the pond' in Paris. There he spent two years working as a personal trainer for the Marilyn Gautier Agency. He then spent the next three years in New York city working as a trainer/instructor at Better Bodies.

Next, Jim decided to return to California and devote all of his time to developing his own personal training clientele. After receiving certifications from ACE (American Council on Exercise) as well as NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), he set up shop at Body Sculpting LA, where for nine years he shaped some of Hollywood's most 'visible bodies'. It was here he also help perpetuate the 'Spinning' craze.

While living in Europe, his introduction to competitive cycling prompted an interest in triathlons, duathlons and other cross-training endurance events. More importantly, it brought him an introduction to Spinning guru Johnny “G” and an instant affinity for the exercise technique, for which he's been a certified instructor since 1992. The success of his local spinning classes garnered an invitation from Progetti International to represent the trend in Italy.

In 1999, seeing the need for a private, high-end training facility for upscale clients, he founded Ultimate Performance Personal Cross-Training Center. This state-of-the-art gym quickly became know for innovations and continues to thrive today under the Sportivo banner.

It was in 2001 when Jim began refining an idea for a high-protein, 'real food' alternative to unhealthful junk foods and processed nutritional foods. Thus, the original GymburritO® was made! Building slowly with sales to local gyms and businesses, GymburritO®/GymburritO jr® Nutritional Products have developed a loyal following and placed Ultimate Performance Foods in an enviable position in a rapidly growing market.

J.P. Barcena - Vice President/CFO

JP Barcena Jim's younger brother J.P. Barcena learned the day-to-day operations of a restaurant at a very young age, thanks to their parents who owned two restaurants. So it was no surprise that he would make a career in the hospitality industry.

Starting at the bottom, J.P. worked his way up, from busboy to regional director and VP of operations for some of the top restaurant and hotel chains in the world. Understanding that he had a knack for cooking, he decided to learn every position in the restaurant to better his knowledge of the business. While attending college he soon found himself being offered a management position with Applebee's International and soon after, at only age 23, became one of their youngest executive GM's.

Feeling he had learned all he could with Applebee's, he accepted a position with Family Restaurants Inc. to be their new Regional Director of Training. Here he oversaw the 'MIT program' for twelve (12) El Torito locations. This was a new stepping stone for J.P. as he learned the human resource and training side of the industry. After enjoying a two and a half year stint with the company, he got the bug to move on and start his own catering company.

Images Inc. was the start of his cooking career. As a self-taught chef (he later received his official certification), he went into one of the toughest areas of the business: catering and special events; yet thrived for many years in San Diego's Gas lamp district. Before selling his business to a much larger stronger competitor, he organized one last big hoorah and its focus was on giving back to the community. The result: a star-studded fundraising event benefiting the children of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts of Encinitas, California, which raised over $48,000 for the charity.

Uncle Sam then tapped into J.P.'s expertise in the form of a two year contracted position with The Department of Defense at Camp Pendleton, Ca and Quantico, VA. He handled vendor contracts for their restaurant and hospitality facilities nation wide. After successfully fulfilling his contractual obligations to the government, he found himself drawn back to doing what he loves the most, cooking.

J.P. purchased Fletcher Cove Café, a 50 seat ocean front restaurant in Solana Beach, Ca. Here he turned around the business with a revamped menu and modest remodel. Although the restaurant was soon thriving, J.P. realized he was under capitalized to take it to the next level where he felt it should be. So after just two years of living his ultimate dream, he decided it was in his best interest to sell. Thanks to his efforts, he was able to sell quickly and turn a nice profit on the venture.

After taking a well-deserved Summer off, J.P. went back into the corporate world again and found himself being offered a contracted position with a large hotel chain, Extended Stay America. Starting out as a District Manager of 6 properties, he was soon promoted to the position of VP of Regional Operations after only six months. This new position required him to run 34 properties throughout four States and oversee 6 District Managers. Unfortunately, the next year his contract, along with many others in this field, was cancelled as a result of the 9/11 tragedy. Fortunately, his solid reputation in the industry was widely known and opportunities began to present themselves immediately.

In early 2003, just before J.P. was about to take a very lucrative position with a very respectable food company, his brother Jim approached him with a unique proposal; and without hesitation, J.P. joined his brother at Ultimate Performance Foods™ as VP/CFO. Chef J.P. is also in charge of R & D and making sure everything UPF produces tastes great… without the guilt of course!

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