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A FRESH NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AWAITS!   GymburritO®/GymburritO jr® Nutritional Products are hand held healthy frozen food products produced with the world's finest ingredients and a California award winning concept you won't find anywhere else.

GymburritO®/GymburritO jr® Nutritional Products is soon to be an international brand, and a global leader in the booming healthy heat and eat frozen burrito industry. Today's customer has a growing appetite for nutritious, delicious food, unlike the unhealthy fare offered by other frozen food companies that claim to be nutritious. We are perfectly positioned to meet this demand, providing our retailers and their clientele with an extraordinary healthy experience unlike any they've ever tasted. Whether they are looking for a great way to start their day with our breakfast burrito or a mild to spicy way to kick up thier mid-afternoon snack or hearty dinner, GymburritO®/GymburritO jr® Nutritional Products are as good for the body as they are for the taste buds.

Ultimate Performance Foods/Chef in Kitchen is looking to produce independent licensing/royalty deals nationally and internationally.

California/Oregon/Washington will be sectioned into large territories following the coast line.

UPF/CHEF IN THE KITCHEN will be seeking financially qualified individuals who have the capability in marketiing GymburritO®/GymburritO jr® Nutritional Products.

A business of your own. A ground floor company.

Reinvent you're life:
"What lies on the road ahead." Create an opportunity, making Ultimate Performance Foods as the Go-To-Spot in creating high value jobs through self employment in the new economy.

UPFs/CHEF'S mantra is ABOUT working for your DREAMS instead of DREAMING for your SUCCESS...


All information is held in confidence.

Inquire as follows:

Contact business/financial advisor James Barcena Jr 760-409-5404
Email: titandev1@att.blackberry.net

Mailing address of Phillip LaRocca esq & Associates 36901 Cook Street Suite 8242
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Email: judgelarocca@yahoo.com

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